Curated by Deepti Rao

While we grapple with the social side-effects of Covid-19, a lot of creativity that has sprung from the shared experience of physical isolation. Produced by a Dutch theatre group, De Vandalen, 'When we had the Time' or 'Toen Wij de Tijd Hadden' is a 10-minute weekly web-series made entirely by the makers from their own homes.

Following the new-found 'Corona comedy' genre, the episodes portray an array of situations that people are going through right now. Exploring new love, love that will not stand the test of Covid-19 and the feeling that we need to make amends. We also see a surprisingly familiar set of characters - an elderly man dealing with technology, an alpha-male corporate type who suffers a hillariously heart-warming mini-meltdown and a high school teacher who is suddenly challenged with having to deal with students and parents online.

Binging through the well-edited episodes, one is overcome with a rather calming feeling, a recognition that you’re not the only one freaking out or not freaking out. Eventhough the series is set in a Dutch context, the episodes translate across experiences, creating a comforting testament of ‘When we had the Time’.

The episodes are in Dutch with English subtitles on Youtube.

PS – The makers are on the hunt for inspiration for their episodes. You can share your stories of physical isolation and they could pick it up in an episode! Check this link for more information

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