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Here's the rug you've only seen and felt in your dreams! A carpet counting 1300 lifelike silicone replicas of the fingers of Laura's partner. Emphazing the human desire or perhaps now the aversion to touching. A dream or a nightmare? Utopian or dystopian? The past or the future? In a year where we have been challenged to re-evaluate the use of our hands, we choose to place these 'surrealistic' body parts on a silver platter. Serving you hands that have become a symbol of the year that changed everything. Scroll down for a 'manicure' ↓

"Thinking back to the first wave of the pandemic, that's what you remember: Hands! Washing, scrubbing, disinfecting, washing again. Picturing each others hands, all the hands that had touched whatever we were touching. The hands that packed the box, that picked the tomato, that planted the seed. The hands that stroked the brow, that said goodbye. The hands were us. All of us. That web of hand to hand, breath to breath relationship was a reminder. That we are all entangled. Making each other sick. Keeping each other alive."  

A Message from the Future: The Years of Repair
by The Intercept and Molly Crabapple


Hands that feel heavy. Almost like in 'Rest Energy' by Marina Abramovic and Ulay. Ulay holds one arrow with the weight of his body and points the arrow straight to Marina's heart for four minutes and ten seconds. While filming this performance they placed a small microphone on their hearts, making the spectator experience the sound of the intensity of their heart-beat and breath as the performance progresses. Both suffocating and moving to watch. A marriage between taking responsibility and having blind faith. 
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2020 has been the year in which we've made COVID-19 our top priority and have adapted our lives accordingly. Intensive care departments in hospitals have been expanded to attend to as many COVID patients as possible. But this has come at a heavy price: The Forgotten Patient. The patient that was in drastic need before the pandemic hit. How many postponements and cancellations could you endure? And what are you doing to make room for the forgotten patient? 
As we near the end of this year we look back and reflect. Although much is bound to change, it won't be all for the worse. In a few years, we may be able to look back on a period of re-evaluation, when we radically changed the way things were done and grew to become a compassionate collective.


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