Curated by Deepti Rao

Straight out of Norway comes The Weight of Spring a music video set to a song by The White Birch. The video is like a series of Haiku poems on film. In twelve different tableaus, the video coupled with the song brings out the tenderness, intimacy, destructiveness and comfort of this thing we call love.  

The White Birch, a slowcore dream-pop trio was active until 2006. Band member Ola Fløttum, who has also composed music for Norwegian films like Thelma and Louder than Bombs, released the album ‘The Weight of Spring’ ten years after the band dissolved. Shot on 35mm film by cinematographer Benjamin Loeb and directed by Erika Calmeyer, the use of natural light and what seems like minimal but precise directing, makes this video all that it is.  

I can watch this music video over and over again and pick up on new details every time. I love how you can interpret each scene in your own way, wondering about the events and emotions that led up to the moments in the scenes. Gestures play a lead role; a simple nod or touch take on a wealth of meaning and invite a closer look.  

The entire album makes for a beautiful listen on a spring day: check it out on our Spotify! 


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