Curated by Deepti Rao

Created by a team of ‘artivists’ from South Africa, the New Normal Game is an outlet to all your frustrations, hopes and dreams of what the future holds. One can debate about whether it is a game or a social experiment or a piece of art, but what’s clear is that it gives form to experiences and if that’s not the function of art then what is?  

The rules are pretty simple. The ‘Game Masters’ present a scenario based on current world events to a group of chosen ‘players’ who are change makers in their own right. These players propose a solution to the scenario which is then translated by the Game Masters into a 10-minute video combining archive footage with digital abberations. This video is then posted on the New Normal Game Facebook page where members can vote on the solution that they support, which in turn determines how well the players do. Like all good games, much is left upto fate and chance. There are obstacles and power cards such as the ‘Life Happens’ or the ‘WTF’ squares on the game board.   

What’s really stiking about this game-experiment-art is that it includes you in revolutionary thought, to be able to think and determine for yourself what you would like to see as the new normal. It is an attempt to imagine together. Although I did enjoy discovering the layers of this project, I am curious to see the development of this concept and whether it will incorporate more interaction from the viewers than just voting.

Curious to know more and play along? 
Check out The New Normal Game website and their Facebook group 



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