Curated by Letice Braun

Silver Holiday is a short documentary (12 min) that was filmed and directed by Deepti Rao, one of our curators, in 2016. In this documentary, Chen Guo and his wife take us through The Village of Longevity: a small-town called Bama, located in the South China region Guangxi. This town gets its nickname The City of Longevity, because of a remarkable number of healthy and happy centenarians* living there.  

Chen Guo and his wife, married for over 60 years, have been living in Bama for a couple of years now and they feel great! After Chen’s wife developed problems with her heart, he started looking for a place where they could live a healthy elderly life. In his quest he came across this 'utopian’ town in the hills, Bama, where life is good and even farts smell pleasant. 

The clean water, the soil conditions and the magnetism of the rock cave seem to have beneficial effects on the heart, brain and even varicose veins. In Silver Holiday you get a glimpse into the humorous and happy life of this elderly couple. They share with us some intimate details of their life together and their secret ingredients to happiness.  

A beautiful story that shows us the impact a healthy environment can have on our lives.  
Our lives have changed drastically in 2020. To contain the spread of the coronavirus, countries around the world have been in lockdown for months: implementing extensive travel restrictions and limiting access to socially interact in public spaces. Our adapted lifestyle has contributed to a sharp fall of emissions globally leaving room for the environment to blossom: clear waters in Venice canals, blue skies in Delhi and wild animals roaming in locked-down cities.  

Silver Holiday makes me reflect on these drastic changes in our lives today. In a few months people globally (somewhat unconsciouslycontributed to restoring our environment. Together we got the chance to pause and live life differently. But what will happen when measures are eventually lifted? 

Now that more countries around the world are lifting restrictions our lives will change again. What will we take from this experience? Are we going to adapt our lives to create a more sustainable future? Or are we going back to our old habits?  
*people that are a hundred years or more years old



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