Curated by Letice Braun

Ed Atkins (born 1982) is a British contemporary artist best known for his computer animation video works and poetry. He is one of the most talked-about artists of his generation using high- definition computer generated imagery, surround sound tracking and extensive digital compositing. Atkins’ video works engage not only with each other but also with the space in which they appear. His work investigates the impact of a hyperreal virtual world on the viewer’s physical and, tangible reality.

In one of his most popular video works RIBBONS (2014) this signature comes up strongly. In an atmospheric combination of sound, imagery, pacing and tone, Atkins succeeds to emotionally bind the spectator to the protagonist.

Atkins makes ‘Dave’ do things he would not dare to ask a human model. The computer-generated protagonist ‘Dave’ sits naked, sometimes hiding under the table, always drinking and smoking, and warbling along to a Randy Newman song about loneliness. Through Dave, Atkins demands a great deal of empathy from the spectator. Almost making the spectator feel a part of the protagonist's world. Perhaps it is the embarrassment we feel for Dave, that emotionally binds us to him...


In 2019 Ed Atkins published the book Old Food, that he has written in conjunction with an exhibition of the same name. Old Food is a hard take on Brexit, wadded with historicity, melancholy and a bravura kind of stupidity.

Listen to a performative reading of Old Food by the author Ed Atkins.

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