Curated by Marthe van de Grift

Closing off our LAYERS OF REALITY series, we're unleashing the voyeur that hides inside you! Here's a selection of works that push the boundaries of privacy and make you awkwardly aware of your all-consuming eyes. How far are you willing to go for your own entertainment? Digg in, little voyeur! ↓
...10 MINUTES OLDER by Herz Frank 
In 10 MINUTES OLDER Herz Frank invites you to gaze into the turbulence of the inner worls of a toddler for ten minutes. Since the camera work is so minimal, the focus is on the transformations in the facial expression of the toddlers. They seem to be intensely caught in a screenplay. After watching this video, you wonder what impact these 10 minutes of beingh immersed in this virtual world has had on the life of these toddlers, only to realise: you grew 10 minutes older.
INSIDE by Dimitris Papaioannou
In a highly aesthetic Hopper-like setting of an apartment, an increasing number of young actors silently and relentlessly repeat the same minimalistic loop of routines for six hours. The repetition of coming home, showering, eating and sleeping is performed with minimal variations. There is no narrative, nothing evolves, nothing transforms, no interaction. But once you manage to dive into this choreography of nothingness, it stirs something inside. It's like looking at yourself from the outside, becoming a spectator of your own life. Time and space are dissolving.
INSIDE is a melancholic play orginally made for theatre, where visitors could come and go as they felt. You can now watch this piece from the comfort of your home.

"Use it for your desktop, for meditation, for company, for contemplation, for a lullaby. It's meant to invite you to get lost in it and meet yourself."

- Dimitris Papaioannou 


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